First grade Gyotaku

First grade artists learned about the art of fish printing called Gyotaku from Japan. They each created a few fish prints with rubber fish and markers. Then they created an ocean background by using a watercolor resist with watercolor paints, white crayons, and salt. They glued their fish to their water painting and drew other …


First Grade Chalk Flowers

First grade artists created these beautiful chalk flower creations! Each table looked at some of Ms. Bruce’s flowers and tried to draw as many details that they saw on their flower as they could. Not every flower looks the same! They then traced their flower drawings with glue and colored in the spaces with colored …


Third Grade Jewelry Designers

Third grade artists created their own piece of jewelry using their practice coil from the beginning of the school year, handmade beads, and other beads in the art room! We reviewed the elements of art and talked about what a jewelry designer might have to think about when designing a necklace (color, texture, pattern, emphasis, …


5th Grade Paper Mache Animals

Fifth grade students created paper mache animals for their last art project of the school year! They sketched the animal they wanted to make, created a form out of recycled materials, applied strips of paper and paper mache over their form, and then painted their animal when it was dry!

Fourth Grade Mandals

Fourth grade artisis ended the year by creating their own mandala designs. After learning about mandalas from different countries, each artist created their own mandala that showed radial symmetry and had at least 4 lines of symmetry. Then they worked as a group to create a chalk mandala during one art class.