Kindergarten Shows Emotions

Kindergarten artists talked about emotions during one art class this month. We talked about how emotions look and what they feel like. Each artist chose three emotions to draw, showing what their faces look like when they are feeling this emotion. Then they created an abstract painting to go with their drawing that shows what …


Kindergarten Primary Spider Webs

Kindergarten and young 5 artists are continuing to learn about lines; they learned about three directional lines, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, to make a spider web! They also learned that red, yellow, and blue are called the primary colors. They used the primary colors to color inside of their spider webs.

Kindergarten Learning Lines

Kindergarten artists learned all about LINES on their second day of art class! They learned the names of many lines and then practiced drawing them. They used a pipe-cleaner to practice bending some of the lines. Then they added their pipe-cleaner to our wild line sculpture! They ended class by creating lines with modeling clay.