Kindergarten Ice Cream Cones

Kindergarten artists created an ice cream cone collage in art this week! They first identified shapes they would need to make a cone and scoops of ice cream. They selected papers that we had painted earlier in the year to cut their shapes from.   They ripped up pieces from their papers and glued them …


4th grade Repeat Printmaking

Fourth grade artists have been busy printmaking in the art room this past week! We learned about abstract art and how it uses shapes, lines, and colors to create something new. Each artist drew and carved an abstract design into a small Styrofoam square. Then, they printed their designs 8 times to create a new design.

Kindergarten Color Wheel Flowers

Kindergarten artists reviewed the rainbow color order and noticed how it matched with the color wheel order when put into a circle.  We practiced our rainbow color song from the beginning of the year again to help us remember the order. After talking about the different parts of a flower and their jobs, artists used …


Second Grade Circle Weaving

Second grade artists have been busy weaving in the art room! They began this project by decorating a paper plate with concentric circles using tempera paint.  Shapes and types of lines were added in each concentric circle with paint. Next, students turned their paper plate into a loom by cutting 19 notches and adding a …


Third Grade Clay Cupcakes

Third grade artists made cupcakes in the art room! They used air-dry clay to make two pinch pots. Then they added texture to one pinch pot to make it look like the bottom of a cupcake.  They added sprinkles, cherries, or lines to look like frosting to the other pinch pot. When the clay had …