May Art

Young 5 and kindergarten artists used clay during the month of May!

Young 5 artists created clay roses and Kindergarten artists created clay beads. They all painted their creations and the beads were strung onto a necklace.

They also created an ice cream cone collage one day and

They created their collages by cutting out a triangle for the cone, and then ripped small pieces of colorful paper and glued them together in a circle above the triangle to look like a scoop of ice cream. Some artists cut out shapes for sprinkles, cherries, and other toppings too.


First grade artists created a landscape collage that showed examples of implied texture, pattern, and origami!

They drew 8 patterns on a piece of folded paper for their ground, painted over their patterns with watercolor paints, painted a sky with sponge-painted clouds, they added paper and oil pastel details, then they folded an origami house and glued everything together!

Third grade artists finished their chalk animals!

Then they created portfolios to take home and are currently working on an origami dragon!



Fifth grade artists finished painting their observational flower drawings with a glue outline.

After they made portfolios they worked on their comic drawings that they started with Mrs. Musaad.

April Art

Young 5 and Kindergarten artists have been celebrating the season of Spring with their artwork! They created three painted papers to use for a Spring collage and used different painting techniques like sponge painting, splattering, and adding texture with tools to create their papers.


Then they have started to cut shapes from their painted papers to show things that we observe in the season of Spring- grass, flowers, birds, the sun or rain, etc. They will add finishing details to these collages next week.

First grade artists also began the month of April with a Spring-themed artwork; they created flowers inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe! They drew large flowers that were cropped on their paper with glue, and then added color with chalk, using a blending technique with their finger.


Third grade artists finished painting their paper mache food sculptures!

This artist is holding her pape rmache ice cream cone that she painted blue and purple with a brown cone, white sprinkles, and a red pom pom has been glued to the top to look like a cherry. This artist is holding her paper mache hamburger that she painted the top and bottom of brown to look like a bun and then dark brown for meat in the middle and yellow and green peaking out for cheese and lettuce


Fifth grade artists began the month of April with some observational drawing exercises and then drew flowers from observation, traced their lines with glue, and will be using watercolor paints soon to add color.


March Art

During the month of March Young 5 and Kindergarten artists finished their self-portraits!

Then they created warm/cool colored castle paintings! They drew their castles and colored the background with warm OR cool colors, and then painted their castle with the opposite color family.

First grade artists created a collagraph plate that resembled a mask and showed symmetry! They printed copies of their mask using a brayer and ink.

Third grade artists are each creating a paper mache food sculpture!

They had to build their food form with newspaper and tape, paper mache all around it, and then paint it.

Fifth grade artists finished their notans!

Then they created a series of 8 mini abstract paintings, turned them into an accordion book and wrote a free-verse poem on their book.


February Art

Young 5 and Kindergarten artists painted their heart drawings that they made back in January before all of our snow days!

Then they started to create a self-portrait artwork! They mixed a skin color that they thought best matched their own skin and then have started to draw the parts of their face.


First grade artists finished their Snow People At Night drawings that have shadows to make their snow-people look more 3D.

two student drawing that each show 2-3 snowmen wearing winter accessories with snowflakes falling around them

Then they learned about GEOMETRIC shapes, cut them out of paper, and created a castle collage out of them.

two paper collages that show castles made out of various colored shapes

Third grade artists finished painting their James Rizzi inspired cityscapes!


Fifth grade artists finished their value projects by gluing their objects to their painted background and adding cast shadows on the table.

January Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists at Lowrey started off the new year by creating art that focused on SHAPES!

They created a robot shape collage one class.

students cut shapes from colored paper and glued them together to resemble a robot, they drew details with black markers

Then they read the book “The Shape of My Heart” and noticed how things around us are all made out of shapes! They drew a heart and filled it with drawings of things they love, using shapes. Because we had THREE Wednesday snow days we had to wait until February to finish these drawings.

First grade artists finished their paper weavings!

students used colorful strips of paper to create a rectangular weaving; they drew designs on top of the weaving with black marker and glitter glue

Then they read the book “Snowmen at Night” and created a snowman or snow-woman drawing that showed a shadow on their snow person to make it look more 3D.


Third grade artists finished their one-point perspective shapes! They painted their backgrounds with the opposite color that they had used to color their shapes with.

Then they looked at the artwork of James Rizzi and began drawing their own city-scape that showed emotion and buildings that were overlapping.


Fifth grade artists have been working on projects related to VALUE. They finished painting their tints and shades of a color, they drew two or more objects and shaded them in to make them look more 3d and then glued everything together.



December Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists continued to mix the primary colors in the beginning of December! They created number or letter paintings inspired by Jasper Johns.

Then they began to use SHAPES in their artwork! They created a shape collage and drew shape trains!

First grade artists have been busy weaving in the art room! They created a pattern of colors for their warp papers, painted a new paper to be used for the weft of their weaving, and then wove the two together! They are still working on adding details and more patterns.

Third grade artists have been learning about clay building with coils! They each used a variety of coil designs to create their own bowls or cups and then glazed them to add color.


Fifth grade artists finished painting their American Gothic parodies! They have now begun a value project. So far they have created tints and shades of a color for their background!

November Art

During the month of November Kindergarten artists continued mixing the primary colors to create secondary colors!

They read the book “Mice Paint” and then drew mice painting. They mixed the primary colors together above each mouse, just like they did in the story.

two student drawings showing three mice holding paint brushes, with small sections of paint above the mice and small dots to show footprints below the mice students' hands painting; the primary color paints are in the center with a cup of water

At the end of the card-marking every Kindergarten artist created a portfolio-folder to take their 2D artwork home in.

two students working at a table; one is coloring their green folder and the other is putting his artwork into his folder

First  grade artists created an artwork that showed “heroes around them”, which is the PTA reflections theme for this year.

They began by drawing their heroes and then used a foil-printmaking technique to add color to the background.

artwork that has a police officer drawn in black marker with a colorful background and black descriptive words written around the police officer

Third grade artists finished their cubism-inspired cardboard masks!

student made mask that is colorful and has a yellow face and purple hair


Fifth grade artists finished their abstract cardboard sculptures and then have started an American Gothic parody painting.

art made out of cardboard shapes that are glued together and painted different colors

drawing of two snowmen in front of an igloo with a Gothic style window a drawing of a cookie and a glass of milk standing in front of a fridge with a Gothic window in the fridge;

Halloween Art

On Halloween artists at Lowrey took a break from their usual projects and created a few Halloween-inspired pieces!

First grade artists created Picasso inspired self-portraits.

Third and fifth grade artists used chalk and oil pastels to create pumpkins (and other Halloween creatures). They experimented with blending, layering colors, and adding shadows to 3D objects.

October Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists have been learning about the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, during the month of October!

They drew a spider web with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines and then colored in their spider web with the primary colors.

student hands coloring with red, yellow, and blue, inside of their spider web drawings several students drawing spider webs on individual white boards student artwork; a black spider web that has primary colors colored in between the spider web lines

Then they looked at Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie” painting and created their own map-inspired collage using the primary colors.

student hands gluing strips of blue paper to a black paper

Then they were able to experiment with the primary colors and saw that when they were mixed together they create new colors! They mixed paint, oil pastels, and modeling clay.

student hands mixing colors on a white paper



First grade artists mixed the primary colors of paint together, too! They created the three secondary colors, orange, green, and purple.

student hands cutting out an orange pumpkin

With their painted papers they created a collage that showed a night time sky, grass, and pumpkins!

two student collages that show pumpkins sitting in grass; made out of paper two student collages that show pumpkins sitting in the grass with a purple sky with stars


Third grade artists have begun to create cubism inspired masks out of cardboard.  They looked at some cubism paintings and then sketched their own cubism mask design on paper.  Then they worked on cutting out all of the shapes they needed from cardboard and gluing them together. They are currently painting their masks to match their sketch. Stay tuned for photos of their progress!


Fifth grade artists have also been working with cardboard! They have been creating abstract, low-relief sculptures that show the principle of balance.

student hands cutting shapes out of cardboard

They learned about different ways to visually balance an artwork and looked at abstract artists’ artwork for some inspiration. They are finishing the painting step now to give their sculptures color and patterns.

student hands painting a cardboard artwork with red and blue; the cardboard has several different shapes glued to it.

September Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists have been busy learning all about LINES in the art room during the month of September!

They began by learning the names of the lines then drew the lines and made lines out of modeling clay.

Then they made line sculptures by folding, rolling, bending, and gluing strips of paper to pop-out of their paper.

Then they used paint to print dots along their lines and stamped the rainbow colors between their lines. They learned about the color order of the rainbow, drew a rainbow and then used dot-stampers to show the rainbow order between their black lines.

First grade artists reviewed some of their lines and shapes with a rocket ship drawing one day in art.

Then they began to learn about the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue! They created a Mondrian-inspired collage with primary color paper and black printed paint lines, and then a collage from their own imagination using the primary colors.

Now they have begun to see what happens when they mix two primary colors together with paint. In the month of October they will continue to mix colors with paint and will make a new collage- stay tuned!


Third grade artists have been working on a flower still life painting. They drew the still life one day, looking at the flowers that were placed on their tables and then have been painting and adding details or texture with crayons.


Fifth grade artists have been working on a still life drawing that shows both what they look like and some of their interests or talents.

student made self-portrait drawings that have one half of their face that looks like them and the other half has drawings of things they like (a panda bear, a rainbow, a donut, etc.)