January Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists at Lowrey started off the new year by creating art that focused on SHAPES!

They created a robot shape collage one class.

students cut shapes from colored paper and glued them together to resemble a robot, they drew details with black markers

Then they read the book “The Shape of My Heart” and noticed how things around us are all made out of shapes! They drew a heart and filled it with drawings of things they love, using shapes. Because we had THREE Wednesday snow days we had to wait until February to finish these drawings.

First grade artists finished their paper weavings!

students used colorful strips of paper to create a rectangular weaving; they drew designs on top of the weaving with black marker and glitter glue

Then they read the book “Snowmen at Night” and created a snowman or snow-woman drawing that showed a shadow on their snow person to make it look more 3D.


Third grade artists finished their one-point perspective shapes! They painted their backgrounds with the opposite color that they had used to color their shapes with.

Then they looked at the artwork of James Rizzi and began drawing their own city-scape that showed emotion and buildings that were overlapping.


Fifth grade artists have been working on projects related to VALUE. They finished painting their tints and shades of a color, they drew two or more objects and shaded them in to make them look more 3d and then glued everything together.



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