December Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists continued to mix the primary colors in the beginning of December! They created number or letter paintings inspired by Jasper Johns.

Then they began to use SHAPES in their artwork! They created a shape collage and drew shape trains!

First grade artists have been busy weaving in the art room! They created a pattern of colors for their warp papers, painted a new paper to be used for the weft of their weaving, and then wove the two together! They are still working on adding details and more patterns.

Third grade artists have been learning about clay building with coils! They each used a variety of coil designs to create their own bowls or cups and then glazed them to add color.


Fifth grade artists finished painting their American Gothic parodies! They have now begun a value project. So far they have created tints and shades of a color for their background!

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