November Art

During the month of November Kindergarten artists continued mixing the primary colors to create secondary colors!

They read the book “Mice Paint” and then drew mice painting. They mixed the primary colors together above each mouse, just like they did in the story.

two student drawings showing three mice holding paint brushes, with small sections of paint above the mice and small dots to show footprints below the mice students' hands painting; the primary color paints are in the center with a cup of water

At the end of the card-marking every Kindergarten artist created a portfolio-folder to take their 2D artwork home in.

two students working at a table; one is coloring their green folder and the other is putting his artwork into his folder

FirstĀ  grade artists created an artwork that showed “heroes around them”, which is the PTA reflections theme for this year.

They began by drawing their heroes and then used a foil-printmaking technique to add color to the background.

artwork that has a police officer drawn in black marker with a colorful background and black descriptive words written around the police officer

Third grade artists finished their cubism-inspired cardboard masks!

student made mask that is colorful and has a yellow face and purple hair


Fifth grade artists finished their abstract cardboard sculptures and then have started an American Gothic parody painting.

art made out of cardboard shapes that are glued together and painted different colors

drawing of two snowmen in front of an igloo with a Gothic style window a drawing of a cookie and a glass of milk standing in front of a fridge with a Gothic window in the fridge;

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