September Art

Kindergarten and Young 5 artists have been busy learning all about LINES in the art room during the month of September!

They began by learning the names of the lines then drew the lines and made lines out of modeling clay.

Then they made line sculptures by folding, rolling, bending, and gluing strips of paper to pop-out of their paper.

Then they used paint to print dots along their lines and stamped the rainbow colors between their lines. They learned about the color order of the rainbow, drew a rainbow and then used dot-stampers to show the rainbow order between their black lines.

First grade artists reviewed some of their lines and shapes with a rocket ship drawing one day in art.

Then they began to learn about the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue! They created a Mondrian-inspired collage with primary color paper and black printed paint lines, and then a collage from their own imagination using the primary colors.

Now they have begun to see what happens when they mix two primary colors together with paint. In the month of October they will continue to mix colors with paint and will make a new collage- stay tuned!


Third grade artists have been working on a flower still life painting. They drew the still life one day, looking at the flowers that were placed on their tables and then have been painting and adding details or texture with crayons.


Fifth grade artists have been working on a still life drawing that shows both what they look like and some of their interests or talents.

student made self-portrait drawings that have one half of their face that looks like them and the other half has drawings of things they like (a panda bear, a rainbow, a donut, etc.)

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