Fifth Grade Mixed Media Collage

Fifth grade artists read the book “My Hands Sing the Blues” by Jeanne Walker Harvey and illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon. ┬áThe book shows the early life of mixed-media collage artist, Romare Bearden.


After looking at more of Romare Bearden’s mixed media collages, each student sketched out a memory from their past.

IMG_3649 IMG_3648 IMG_3647 IMG_3646

Using four or more different materials, each student then created a mixed media collage to show the memory they choose.

IMG_3645 IMG_3644 IMG_3643 IMG_3642 IMG_3641 IMG_3640 IMG_3639 IMG_3638 IMG_3637 IMG_3636 IMG_3635 IMG_3634 IMG_3633

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