Fifth Grade Selfie Self-Portraits

Fifth grade artists worked on self portraits for their last project of the school year.


They began by making their paper look like a phone, tablet, or computer.  Then they drew themselves as if they had taken a selfie and made it the background image.

IMG_3606 IMG_3609 IMG_3608 IMG_3607

Everyone added apps that showed things they like to do.  Some of the apps were made up and some are ones they like to use.

IMG_3722 IMG_3721 IMG_3720IMG_3610IMG_3775IMG_3789

The self portraits were colored with colored pencils.  Each artist tried their best to mix and layer colors to create a realistic skin tone, eye, and hair color.

IMG_3768 IMG_3773 IMG_3772 IMG_3770 IMG_3769IMG_3801IMG_3800IMG_3799IMG_3798IMG_3797

IMG_3783 IMG_3782 IMG_3786 IMG_3795

The last step was to design the back of their paper to look like a phone/tablet/computer case.


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