Fifth Grade Light Paintings

Fifth grade artists experimetned with photography for this project! They learned what would happen when they changed the shutter speed. We used a slower shutter speed to capture movement and light and created light paintings! Each artist designed their own photo that would show a trait of theirs and then assigned members of their group …


Second Grade “Looks Within”

Second grade artists discussed this year’s PTA reflection theme: “Look Within”, and discussed how we could show in our artwork what is inside of ourselves. We used our new skill of drawing “bubble people” and drew ourselves as a bubble, then filled the inside with things that could help someone learn more about us. Colored …


Fifth Grade Animal Eyes

While waiting for their group’s turn to use the camera to take their light painting photos, each fifth grade artist was able to create a series of realistic animal eye drawings using oil pastel. They practiced matching colors to their animal eye photo and had to blend or mix colors with the oil pastels.

Second Grade Symmetry

Second grade artists created a mandala design while they were learning about radial symmetry in the art room! They created a circle out of paper and added 4 lines of symmetry going through the circle. Then they drew designs in one of the pieces of the circle and then repeated their design in each piece! …


First Grade “Looks Within”

First grade artists used the PTA reflection theme, “Look Within”, as inspiration for our next artwork! Each artist drew a large pair of binoculars and then drew things that they liked, things that described them, and ways that they feel inside of the lenses. We talked about the difference between seeing what someone looks like …