Fifth Memory Collagraph Prints

Fifth grade artists created a composition of collagraph prints that show a memory they have! After brainstorming and sketching, they collaged different textured materials together to create their printing plate. Then they used brayers and ink to cover their printing plates and print several copies. They arranged their favorite three prints and added some descriptive …


Third Grade Victorian Houses

Third grade artists studied architecture and designed their own Victorian houses after learning a little bit about this architecture style. After drawing their houses, they painted a background paper. They could do any designs they wanted, but they had to mix 5 or more tints. A tint is a color mixed with white. Then they …


Second Grade Action Sculptures

After learning to draw Keith Haring- inspired bubble people that looked like they were moving, second grade artists created sculptures that were also showing movement! They used wire to create a stick person shape and covered their wire with a layer of tape. Then they posed their sculpture to show a specific movement and covered …


Kindergarten Primary Spider Webs

Kindergarten and young 5 artists are continuing to learn about lines; they learned about three directional lines, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, to make a spider web! They also learned that red, yellow, and blue are called the primary colors. They used the primary colors to color inside of their spider webs.