Keep Creating!

I have loved seeing what you have all been creating at home! This is a reminder to keep checking the different tabs in the menu above to see new project ideas, videos, and to learn about new artists! New ideas and projects are added daily; you will just have to scroll down to the bottom of each page to see what is new.

These two photos are from when I practiced the “Forced Perspective Photography” project that is on the 3-5 Prompts page!


Going for a neighborhood walk with your family is a great way to feel rejuvenated after being inside for a long time and now it can be even more fun with a scavenger hunt art search! Below is a challenge that someone created online where you can create a work of art that follows a daily theme, post it in your window, and then take a walk to see how many other artworks you can find!

Dearborn Neighborhood Walk. Following the theme listed below, create an artistic display (picture, painting, mix-media project). Display your art in the front window of your house. Walk around your neighborhood and see how many creations you can spot! 
3/20 Silly faces, 3/22 animals, 3/26 encouraging words, 3/29 flowers, 4/1 jokes, 4/4 patterned eggs


Welcome to Home Art, a blog with art ideas, activities, and inspiration for you to learn and be creative from home!

Ms. Bruce (from Geer Park and Henry Ford Elementary) and Mrs. Russell and Ms. Stewart (from Henry Ford Elementary) will be adding new links, prompts, and challenges daily.

You can take a photo of and email any artwork you make or reflection you write if you want to share with us what you have been working on- we would love to see it! We will also add it to the “Art Sharing” page on this blog to inspire others!