Student Art Show

This year we have 11 artists in Dearborn’s City Wide Student Art Show! The opening night is Wednesday, April 24th starting at 4:00 and the show will be up until May 29th.  It is located in the Padzieski gallery in the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center. Stop by and see all of the wonderful …


First Grade Kite Designers

First grade artists have been learning a song in music class from Japan about kites and they created their own kite in art class! We started by looking at different kites throughout history. Kites come in all different shapes and sizes and some have different functions or purposes. Each artist created a sketch for their …


Gallery Rally Art Show

This year we have 33 artists from Geer Park who have work featured in Dearborn’s Gallery Rally! Their artwork will be located in the  City Hall ArtSpace connector building on April 6th and will be open from 10-5. There will also be 9 other galleries around Dearborn featuring artist work, and if you go and …


First Grade SnowPeople

First grade artists read the book “Snowmen at Night” and drew their own snowmen and snowwomen doing an activity like in the story. Then they painted their snowpeople to show a shadow on one side (to help it look more 3D). They cut and glued their snowpeople to a snowy painted background.  

First Grade Paper Weaving

First grade artists learned how to weave in the art room! We looked at banig mats that are hand woven in the Philipeans and we noticed many patterns in the designs. Each artist created their own pattern with colors to make the warp lines of their weaving.  Then they painted a paper, cut it up, …


First grade Rocket Ships

On the second day of art class, first grade artists reviewed some of the shapes and lines they had learned last year in the art room. They each created their own rocket ship using lines and shapes and added planets, stars, and other things you may see in outer space around their rocket ship.

Welcome Back Dot Tree

Welcome back to another wonderful school year! On the first day of art class this year, each class read the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.  Then they each created a monochromatic dot with the designs of their choice. We added all of our dots to the tree on the bulletin board outside of …