Gallery Rally Art Show

This year we have 33 artists from Geer Park who have work featured in Dearborn’s Gallery Rally! Their artwork will be located in the  City Hall ArtSpace connector building on April 6th and will be open from 10-5. There will also be 9 other galleries around Dearborn featuring artist work, and if you go and …


Second Grade Sculptures

Second grade artists have created wire and plaster sculptures based on their movement drawings from earlier this year! They formed their person out of wire, posed it, and covered it in plaster. Then they painted their sculptures; many artists chose to use a splatter paint technique!

Second Grade Shows Movement

Second grade artists looked at the artwork of Keith Haring and created their own “bubble-people”. They drew someone showing an action pose and posed for each other at their tables. They started with a quick gesture line drawing and then turned that drawing into a “bubble-person” like Keith Haring’s artwork showed. Then they colored and …


Welcome Back Dot Tree

Welcome back to another wonderful school year! On the first day of art class this year, each class read the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.  Then they each created a monochromatic dot with the designs of their choice. We added all of our dots to the tree on the bulletin board outside of …


Second Grade Circle Weavings

Second grade artists have been busy weaving in the art room! They decorated a paper plate and turned it into a loom by cutting notches and adding a warp string. Then they learned how to weave by making an over-under pattern with their weft strings.Some artists chose to add beads and fringe to their weaving …