Gallery Rally Art Show

This year we have 33 artists from Geer Park who have work featured in Dearborn’s Gallery Rally! Their artwork will be located in the  City Hall ArtSpace connector building on April 6th and will be open from 10-5. There will also be 9 other galleries around Dearborn featuring artist work, and if you go and …


Fourth Grade Fauvism Self Portraits

Fourth grade artists created self portraits and painted them in a Fauvism style! They first learned about some of the “rules” and proportions about drawing faces and then used a photo of themselves to try to see some of their unique details. Then they learned about Fauvism and used unnatural colors and expressive brushstrokes to …


Fourth Grade Masks

Fourth grade artists looked at masks from many different cultures. They looked at the different styles of masks and learned about the different reasons for wearing masks. Then they each created their own mask! They first had to create their own form to build the mask on out of newspaper and cardboard.  Then they were …


Fourth Grade Zentangle Animals

Fourth grade artists have been learning about Zentagles, line variation, emphasis, and analogous colors in the art room! They drew an animal, or insect, and filled it with ten or more different Zentangle designs, focusing on pattern and line variation. Then they painted their backgrounds with analogous color watercolor paints.

Welcome Back Dot Tree

Welcome back to another wonderful school year! On the first day of art class this year, each class read the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.  Then they each created a monochromatic dot with the designs of their choice. We added all of our dots to the tree on the bulletin board outside of …


Fourth Grade Mandals

Fourth grade artisis ended the year by creating their own mandala designs. After learning about mandalas from different countries, each artist created their own mandala that showed radial symmetry and had at least 4 lines of symmetry. Then they worked as a group to create a chalk mandala during one art class.