Fifth Grade Abstract Poetry Accordion Books

Fifth grade artists created a series of mini abstract paintings that they turned into an accordion book and added their own free verse poem to.

We talked about different styles of abstract art and each artist got to choose what materials and processes they used to apply their paint and designs.

Then they looked at their finished paintings and thought of a feeling or an experience that their artwork reminded them of.  In their sketchbooks they wrote a free verse poem about the feeling/experience and then wrote it on their paintings. (Below are just some excerpts from their poems.)

small painting with colored dots that says "Maybe I am just a dot in the world".     small blue painting that says "because you are you."   small painting with colored stripes that says "I can be the colors, you can be the artist".     two small paintings that say "It's a reminder of Life...of how beautiful it is but..." small blue painting with white lines that says "people start to swim"     small painting with many colors smeared together that says "it hurts so you cry" small painting with many colors smeared together that says "and into a tsunami"     three small paintings next to each other that say "it's a long time ago...a beautiful country...that was doing just FINE"  two paintings next to each other, one is green with small blue specks and the other is blue with orange splatters, they say "Morning again...and the sun is out" a small blue and green painting with yellow spots that says "soon it rained sun..."     small painting with blue, green, and a dark red painted spots that says "getting distracted and distracted and distracted then I fall" two small paintings next to each other, one is red and the other is yellow and orange mixed together with wavy vertical lines. they say "I look up at the sky and say wow...It's hot outside, it feels like fire"


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