5th Grade Ceramic Masterpieces

Fifth grade artists have been learning about hand building with clay! They learned about creating with coils, slabs, and how to slip and score.

three student made ceramic pieces that look like mugs ceramic figuring of Harry Potter with black hair, black glasses, a red and yellow scarf and a black shirt three student made ceramic pieces; one looks like a palm tree, one is a spade symbol on a bowl with splatter paint and the other is a cylinder bank with splatter paint

They each created a sculpture that used all three of these methods.

Some students chose to create a functional piece and others chose to create a more decorative sculpture.

pink cylinder bank with black eyes and a pig nose


three student made ceramic pieces; one looks like a bowl with flowers around the rim, the other is a purple cylinder with a purple handle over the top and the third is a white cylinder with a teal "M" and a lid with a teal leaf

They were all able to glaze their pieces thanks to the Michigan Youth Arts grant we received last year for glazes!

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