Third Grade Elements of Art Books

Third grade artists have been studying the elements of art! These are the building blocks used by artists to create artwork.

Each artist created an Elements of Art book with one page for each element.

The first page was the element of line. Artists designed their heading with different kinds of line and then labeled horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines.

The next page was shape. Artists turned each letter of their heading into shapes.  Then geometric and organic shapes were drawn and labeled.

A color wheel was painted on the next page for the element of color. Artists started with only the three primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, and mixed them to create the secondary colors, orange, violet, and green.


Texture describes the way something feels and artists created texture rubbings on the next page.  They also listed some texture describing words after playing a texture game in class.


Forms are 3-D shapes.  For the form page in the book artists made each letter of their heading look 3-D.  They also drew some of the forms and added shadows.


The next page of the book was space. One way to create the illusion of space is to make objects appear smaller as they move away from the viewer.


The last page of the book was value.  Artists experimented by mixing white, gray, and black with a color.  After the paint was dry, we labeled tints (white added to a color), shades (black added to a color) and tones (gray added to a color).


The final step was to assemble the book.  We used origami techniques to make out book open up like a flower, or a star.

IMG_3289 IMG_3288

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