Fourth Grade Adire Eleko Cloths

Fourth grade artists started this project by reading a fable and writing their own short fable.  The characters of their stories were animals and their stories taught a lesson or a moral.

Then artists created their own version of Adire Eleko cloth with oil pastels and watercolor paints.  They designed 8 or more symbols from their story to draw onto their paper before they painted it. We mixed blue and violet paints to create an indigo color.


Then the main characters from the stories were drawn and decorated with shapes and lines.

IMG_2719 IMG_2716 IMG_2715IMG_2717

The last step was to cut out and glue the animal to the Adire Eleko cloth.

IMG_2767 IMG_2766 IMG_2765 IMG_2764 IMG_2763 IMG_2762 IMG_2761

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