First Grade Guitars

First grade artists have been busy creating guitar collages!

IMG_2658 IMG_2657

Students started by learning about the warm and cool color families.  Students used either all warm colors or all cool colors to paint a large sheet of paper. Recycled materials were used to add textures to the painted papers.


Next, students began to learn about the different parts of a guitar and how each piece helps to make music.  Each piece was drawn on and cut out of our painted papers.

IMG_2380 IMG_2383 IMG_2382 IMG_2381

Many of us had a chance to make sounds with the guitar in the art room and to see how each piece worked together to make music.


The last step was to add six strings with yarn.

IMG_2622 IMG_2625 IMG_2624 IMG_2623IMG_2654IMG_2655IMG_2659IMG_2656

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