Fifth Grade Weaving

Fifth grade artists have been weaving in the art room!

student holding finished weaving with many stripes of colors, fringe on the bottom and sides, and a yellow semi-circle in the middle of the design Finished student weaving that resembles the flag of Palestine; a red triangle on the far left and black, white, and green stripes student holding a weaving that has been taken off of the loom, it has many different colored stripes and yellow fringe student weaving still on the loom, it looks like the flag of Lebanon with red stripes on the top and bottom and a white stripe in the middle with a green cedar tree

They learned about the parts of a weaving, what a loom is, how to weave fringe, how to weave shapes, and everyone created their own unique woven tapestry!

student hands weaving a purple heart on an unfinished weaving with pink all around the purple heartstudent hands weaving a tapestry tat looks like the super man logo with a yellow pentagon with a red "S" in the middle and blue all around it

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