Second Grade Owl Collage

Second grade artists have been reviewing TEXTURE, an element of art.

img_4826 img_4824

They began with a quick owl sketch using shapes and created different textures inside of the owl using texture plates and crayons.

img_4555 img_4556 img_4557 img_4553

Then they had a painting day where they used tempera paints and a variety of texture tools to create textured papers.


They cut shapes from these textured papers to create an owl.  Students discussed the difference between real and implied texture and noticed how their owls only have implied texture.

img_4695 img_4697 img_4696

Artists glued tissue paper to their background; some crumpled the tissue paper to add more texture.  The owl was glued down and a tree branch was added for the owl to sit on.

img_4825 img_4827 img_4828 img_4829 img_4830

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