Fifth Grade Charcoal Masks

Fifth grade artists looked at masks from South Korea.  They learned about the many purposes and types of masks.

IMG_2363 IMG_2362 IMG_2361IMG_2378 (1)

For this project, we used only the masks from dances and plays.  Notice how all of the masks have a very exaggerated expression so that the audience could see the character’s emotion.

IMG_2360 IMG_2348

Students started by drawing a contour line drawing of their mask, focusing on the extra lines added to show the emotion of the character.


Then, after practicing using charcoal with value scales and 3-D shapes, students tried to fill in the correct values in their mask.  Value is the lightness or darkness of a color, and can help to make our drawings look more life-like.



Then students added a print of their “chop” or “seal” that they designed by rearranging their initials and carving their backwards design onto a piece of Styrofoam.  A chop/seal is like an artist’s signature and appears on many of the artworks we have looked at from East Asia.

IMG_2635 IMG_2634 IMG_2633 IMG_2632

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