Second and Third Grade Monoprints

Second and third grade artists in Mrs. Abu-Rus’s class have been experimenting with different materials to create monoprints!

Monoprint example that has different layers of colors with lines

They used paint, string, brushes, brayers, cut paper, forks, bubble wrap, markers and explored to see what different designs they could make with their prints.

Image of student's hands drawing lines with a fork into wet paint with different materials on the table around them image of student holding paint, squeezing it out onto the printing plate, a printed paper is next to the plate image of a student rolling paint on their printing plate with a brayer

Some artists chose to print many layers on each paper.

Each artist chose their favorite prints and cut shapes from those papers and arranged them on a new paper.

Student cutting colorful papers into rectangles and arranging them on a larger red paper four printed papers cut into hearts and rectangles ready to be arranged and glued to a larger purple paper

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