Other World Fair Day Projects

Each class is studying a different country for our school’s World Fair Day. In the art room, students created a project  that showed something about the country their class was studying. Some classes looked at the landscapes of their country, others looked at the architecture, the artwork, traditions, products from their country, or famous landmarks. Some classes chose what it was from their country that they were showing in their artwork. Below are some examples and photos of student working mid-project.


A weaving that shows chile peppers from Mexico

A weaving that shows chile peppers from Mexico

An amate bark painting, a tradition from Mexico, that shows a volcano

Tin art from Mexico showing a volcano, made on aluminum foil with marker for coloring

An amate bark painting showing cactus plants in a bowl

An amate bark painting showing the colors of the Mexican flag with foods served in Mexico

Architecture from Yemen before it is cut out and glued to the painted background

A landscape from the Dominican Republic

The beginning stages of a yarn painting showing a landmark from Lebanon

student working on a yarn painting showing an animal on a hill with a sun in the sky student painting something on a brown piece of paper Dot painting showing Lebanon landmarkstudent hands drawing a building from Yemen with a Yemen flag on topstudent hands drawing the statue of libertystudents drawing a water, sunset, landscapewatercolor painting and a sharpie drawing of a mosque

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