Thursday 4/30

Physical Activity
Here is today’s SUGGESTED workout, it involves yoga and dance, which use resistance to improve coordination, balance, and flexibility. These are important physical traits to build your endurance and strength!

Today’s KWIO yoga sequence is a “Cardio Yoga Flow.” This fast-paced yoga flow will get your heart beating and strengthen your muscles!

• (Time: 7:03)
• Handout: Cardio yoga flow

It’s throwback Thursday! Learn a short dance routine and work up a sweat to a mix of the best 80’s tracks.
• (Time: 11:10)

Today, combine the yoga flow and practice the dance video until you’ve got the moves down! Work up a sweat and keep your body strong and healthy!

Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Has anyone ever told you to take Vitamin C when you’re getting a cold? It’s for good reason! Vitamin C is very helpful in boosting your immune system and resisting infection, so it helps your body fight off germs that make you sick. Vitamin C does more than just boost your immunity, it also helps your body heal wounds, keeps your tissue like your gums and blood vessels healthy, and makes your cartilage, bones, and teeth strong.
Try one of these foods to get your daily dose of Vitamin C:

• citrus fruits, like oranges

• cantaloupe

• strawberries

• tomatoes

• broccoli

• cabbage

• kiwi fruit

• sweet red peppers

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