Month: October 2017

Intramural Confusion

Parents and students I am sorry for intramurals being cancelled on such late notice yesterday. I had a staff meeting and when I walked into the gym after, there were tables and chairs all set up for parent teacher conferences. As you know the MBCC has about a half dozen programs that share the facilities…

Cipriano 2017 (Pictures)

Congrats to all the students who went out and ran on Monday in the monsoon. They did awesome and STEM is proud of all of you. Check out the pictures and bring your metals (dress nice) Friday for a school picture! Also feel free to comment with a picture you took from the event.


Monday is the Cipriano run! (No intramurals today) Good luck to all the STEM students. This week we welcome Mr. Theisen’s student teacher from Wayne State University, Mr. Alex Lipka. He will be learning/observing for the first couple weeks and eventually start teaching classes as the semester moves on. This week we are starting soccer…

Google Classroom

Please sign up to your correct google classroom below. Today Wednesday 3/18 is a B day. Thursday 3/19 is an A day. Please make sure you pick the correct class. Every student must sign into their classroom. 6th Grade B day —    55cbtf 6th Grade A day —  yhjs9g 7th Grade B day —  7843fy 7th…


This week we will continue to work on soccer skills and the basic fundamentals of the game. Students should be able to explain the skills they are learning and the vocab as well. I am hoping to see progression in their skills as the week moves forward so that we can start games next week.

Soccer Skills/Vocab

Here are the soccer skills/vocab we will be teaching this unit: Skills: Header Trap Throw in Dribble Pullback Crossover Juggling Toe Touches Pass Shoot Vocab: Kickoff Pitch Defender Goalkeeper Midfield Forward/Striker Yellow Card Red Card World Cup Cleats/guards

Soccer Unit

We are starting out soccer unit this week. Students will start learning basics skills and vocabulary then eventually start playing games. Students should be able to share what they are learning at home.