Month: January 2018

New Cardmarking

This week we will finish up with Volleyball skills and start volleyball games. All students should know the vocab and be able to explain/demonstrate all taught skills. No intramurals today because of the half day, they will be next Monday Feb 5th.

Most Popular Sodas ranked.

Here is a list of the most popular sodas/pops ranked from worst to best.  Hopefully you can make a decision to drink less pop and more water! Soda Rankings   copy and paste the website below    


This week students worked on the pass and set for volleyball.  We will continue working on skills next week.  Students are really starting to show progress. Monday after school is Super Mr. Theisen Kickball from 3-3:45pm.  Please bring an extra pair of socks if you wish to participate. Right now is cold and flu season…

Intamurals 1/22

Our next Intramural day is Monday 1/22 from 3-3:45pm in the gym.  The game is Super Mr. Theisen Kickball.  Please have your student bring extra socks for the game if they intend to play. Air Time or hospital socks work best. We have no school next Monday for the holiday so be ready to go…


This week we start our volleyball unit.  Students will learn a variety of skills, vocab, and game rules/concepts.  Please ask them what they learned and have them demonstrate skills at home.   Here is a list of skills they need to know: Block, Bump/Pass, Dink, Set, Serve, Rotation, Spike, Tick Tock’s, Mini Spikers, Windmills, Pepper,…