Month: November 2021

Out of the Pool

Wow, what a great unit, I am so proud of you gentlemen! About 50% of you could not swim and by the end of the unit, many of you have taken great strides to conquering the water. All of you learned skills that can be used for the rest of your life, and many of…

Skill Games

This week we are doing skill games. Students will learn new aerobic games that use a combination of skills. The new games this week will help build endurance, team building, collaboration, and sportsmanship. Looking forward to a great week!

Quarter 1 complete

The first card marking is over. We learned a ton of new skills, and were able to improve our fitness as well. Sports we covered: Soccer Football Track Basketball Kickball Fitness Testing student participated in: 1 mile run 1 minute push ups 1 minute sit ups pull ups shuttle run PACER test 1/2 mile run…