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All school rules will apply in addition to the following:

Proper Dress for Class:

1. A complete change of clothing must be worn for class. Gym clothes should be worn ONLY during P.E. class time. Proper clothing includes comfortable shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, sweatpants, skirts big enough to allow running, socks and athletic shoes that cover the foot completely. Be prepared daily to go outside (weather permitting) with a sweatshirt/jacket and/or
sweatpants. You can wear a long skirt or abiyah outside but it must be different than the one you wear to school (you must have one to wear to school and one for my class). NO sports uniforms, jeans or spaghetti strapped t-shirts will be permitted. Labeling the student name on their clothes is suggested.

2. Not dressing in the proper attire in any way will result in a loss of 2 preparation points for the day.

3. NO jewelry is allowed in class since it is a safety hazard. This includes straight pins.

Excused from Participation

A student well enough to be in school is expected to be well enough to participate in class. A doctor’s excuse must be presented to your teacher for any reason the student should be excused
from participation. Please have the doctor indicate what the student can or can not do and a date for return to normal activity. For one day excuses, a parent note may be given to your teacher for an alternate activity (lighter). Longer than one day a doctor’s excuse must be presented.


Safety is the number on rule in physical education. Any behavior or actions that could endanger another student, class, teacher, objects and the student themselves is in violation of the class rules. Students should not use or move any equipment unless a teacher or supervisor is present. Equipment should be used properly and only after instruction from their teacher or coach. Climbing on anything is strictly forbidden. Courtesy and respect for the well being of others should be the guidelines for safety.

Locker and Locker Room

1. One locker in the physical education locker room will be assigned to each student. During class all equipment, clothing, materials, and belongings should be locked inside. After class, physical education clothes must be locked in the assigned locker. Changing must take place only in the locker room. Check to make sure your locker is locked before, and after each class. Leaving the locker unlocked or not placing belongings into the locker are the main reasons students loose their clothes.


3. ONLY a combination lock is permitted. Lock may be purchased from your teacher. The teacher must be given the combination to the lock. Combinations should never be given
to another student.

4. Once class begins, no student will be allowed back into the locker room without permission from the teacher.

5. All jewelry and valuable belongings must be locked in a locker during class. No jewelry
is allowed in class. The physical education staff will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

6. Take home clothes weekly to maintain proper hygiene. Deodorant and a small towel are recommended for students to use after sweating.

Student Expectations

1. Be in attendance daily, on time, and dressed in appropriate attire for the activity.

2. NO GUM, food and or drink in the gym or locker room at any time. NO aerosols at any time on campus and NO GLASS CONTAINERS.

3. No CELL PHONES or picture taking will be allowed in the gym or locker room area.

4. All students will remain in the physical education area until the teacher tells them to leave. NO one is allowed to leave the class area without the teacher’s permission.

5. Students are responsible for all expectations and directions given by the teacher the first time.

6. Any injuries or emergencies must be reported to the teacher during the class period.

7. Maintain clean clothes and be personally clean. Take the proper actions to ensure body cleanliness.

8. To turn in all the homework, class assignments and turn them in on time.

9. Abuse, destruction or misuse of physical education equipment will not be tolerated.

10. Obscene language, gestures, harassment or disrespect will not be tolerated.

11. Students must abide by the Dearborn Core Values and Sportsmanship Rules.

Your grade will be based on the following:

1. Daily dress

2. Participation in the warm up and cardiovascular activities.

3. Social-emotional intelligence

4. Participation during the skill building and/or game play phase of class.

5. Locker procedures/etiquette

6. Following Directions

7. Fitness Tests

8. Effort

Please keep in mind you are graded on your own success. You earn your grade based on YOUR effort each day.

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