Month: March 2019

Week 3/18

This week we start training for fitness tests.  Next week we test students fitness levels.  Please continue to practice at home. Intramurals this week is Tuesday from 2:15-3pm. Card marking end next Friday.

Week 3/11

This week is the last week of basketball. Students will be using their skills in games and tournaments. NEXT WEEK WE START FITNESS!!! Start training if you have not been doing so. Intramurals are tomorrow. We are playing basketball from 2:15-3pm.

USA Women Soccer want Equal Pay

We have discussed this topic in our tennis unit. Now the USA women’s soccer team are fighting for equal pay, training, and travel conditions; equal promotion of their games; equal support and development for their games; and other terms and conditions of employment. Check out the article!

Week 3/4

This week we are starting basketball games.  Students will pick games and play against other students and possibly start a tournament later in the week. Tuesday is intramural basketball from 2:15-3pm.  Please make sure you have a ride. Friday is the last day for Teacher of the Year nominations.  Please make sure take the time…