Month: April 2019

Week 4/29

Color Run permission slips are due today 🙂 This week we will continue working on volleyball and finish up any fitness testing that needs completing. This is the last week for intramurals.  If students want to stay they are from 2:15-3pm. 8th grade field trip is Thursday, dress appropriately.

Week 4/22

This week we continue Volleyball skills.  We also will go outside for the mile run if the weather is nice. Students should wear outfits that can be worn for this time of year. Color Run: The color is run is May 2nd and permission slips/money are due Monday, April 29th.  Students should have received a…

Week 4/15

This week we are finishing up fitness test retakes.  If the weather allows it we will do the mile run as soon as possible.  Volleyball unit is next. NO INTRAMURALS THIS WEEK.  Next week we start intramural volleyball.

Week 4/8

This week we continue to do fitness testing.  We will finish up fitness testing hopefully sometime in the next two weeks if the weather permits. Following fitness tests we will begin volleyball. Intramural Basketball on Tuesday 4/9 from 2:15-3pm.