Tuesday 4/28

Good morning Stout students and happy Tuesday. Here is what is going on today in PE class.

First visit the Theisen PE check in and put your activity in for the day along with the time. Look for your class at the BOTTOM of the sheet, click on your class and find your name. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n49j2kClfD7dM4RWP8cJwkWIe3Cbg45isNAYZ39voFw/edit#gid=265836888

If you need some ideas for a lesson visit this website: https://iblog.dearbornschools.org/middleschoolphysicaleducation/

Today there is a yoga lesson and a quick workout along with a Fizzy water recipe. So if you need some ideas/suggestion click the link above!

Last night, Mr. V and I created a lesson for all the 8th graders. So go give it a listen and then click on our google form saying that you heard everything we had to say. The video is short like 5-10 minutes. It can help you with some of the stuff going on in the class. Go to Google Classroom visit Stout Middle School Physical Education Online and type in class code: hnhu52p

Join the class, listen to the video and click on the google form to fill it out, and click on the Theisen PE check in and fill that out as well. The video is right there in the comments area which is around the middle or bottom of your screen. It is posted by Mr. V but we are both in the video so click on the post and let me know what you think.

Easy day today! Enjoy the sunshine and stay healthy!

Take care,

Mr. Theisen

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