Tuesday 4/21 Activities and Google Meet

Good morning Stout students and hopefully a happy and healthy Tuesday. We have an exciting day for you. So here are the plans!

Today at 9am all of our 8th grade students are welcome to go to our new google classroom (Stout Middle School Physical Education Online then use class code: hnhu52p

When in the class join the meeting at 9am by clicking the link and say hi to your PE teachers! MAKE SURE YOUR MICROPHONE IS OFF WHEN YOU ENTER! (thanks)

Later today there will another meeting (follow the steps above) for 7th and 8th grade students at 12:15 (around lunch time). So if you miss the first meeting you can join this one. You do NOT have to attend both!

There will be a question and answer session and a chance to say hello. We want to keep the meeting brief so that you have time to work on all your other activities.

Also here is today’s optional PE activity for the day. Click on the link below:


In the link you will see an opportunity to do some Yoga for a couple minutes. Also for my athletes that are really looking to get RIPPED there is a 45 minutes video on how to get your legs BUFF. This is for those students that are interested in working out and getting sweaty. You do not have to do it if that is not your thing. The last thing in the blog is how to make/enjoy a rainbow drink. So maybe give one of those a try and let me know how it goes.

Whatever activity you choose today please make sure you write a brief description in my Theisen PE check in real quick for your points.


Click the link above and no matter what you do today just write it in. Each student should choose an activity that they can do and interests them. I will always try to post suggestions but in the end you have the final decision on what you want to do to stay active. If you do one my my Dshines activities just say “Dshines” in the Theisen Check in spreadsheet.

Have a great day!

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    • Sami on the Theisen PE check in make sure you find your class tab near the bottom of your screen once you find your class then look for your name and then add your time and the activity you did for the day. It should only take a minute everyday.

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