Weekend activities that you can do to Stay Active!

Obstacle #1:  Make a lay up

Obstacle #2:  Make a free throw

Obstacle #3:  Make a 3 pointer

Obstacle #4:  Ride the scooter (waiting by the 3 point line) down the driveway and around the cul-de-sac and back

Obstacle #5:  Run a lap around the perimeter of our yard/lot

Obstacle #6:  Ride your bike around the subdivision

Obstacle #7:  25 Jumping Jacks

Obstacle #8:  Kick a football over our “field goal posts” (two trees that have a lower branch)

Obstacle #9:  20 Squats

Obstacle 10:  Kick a soccer ball into the goal

Obstacle #11:  5 Burpees

Obstacle #12:  Hit 10 baseballs off the tee, into the hitting net (baseball)

Obstacle #13: Throw a ball up in the air and try and catch it.

Obstacle #14: Balance on one foot and see if you can do dribble a basketball.

2 comments on “Weekend activities that you can do to Stay Active!

  1. mohammed almaweri

    is boxing enough i run and do pull ups and hit the punching bag for 1 hour

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