Student Expectations

Good morning Stout students. I have emailed all of you and let you know what is expected of you. Please have the Fitness Checklist completed by next Friday (3/28) this will be your last grade for the card marking. You can take a picture of it and email me it, or you can fill it out on your computer (copy/paste) and email me.

The expectation is that you are going outside (or inside) and being active for 30-60 minutes everyday. I have given you a variety of options for you to improve your health and continue to grow as a student physically. Please do your best everyday and let me know how you’re doing! Take care, stay healthy and I miss you all!

Good Luck!

Mr. Theisen

4 comments on “Student Expectations

  1. Fadel mohesn

    Doing Push up and setups and keep working round in my house and out sides the house

    • On my blog go to the Fitness checklist post. Click on the checklist, then copy and paste it to a document.
      Fill out your daily activities then email me when completed.

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