Week 12/18

This week we are finishing up our Badminton unit.  We are starting our tournaments and having students work together in partners to build sportsmanship.

This week all late assignments are due.  So please check your grade and send in anything that is late immediately.

Also remember when checking Student Connect that if you were absent a grade will be blank which is different than a “0” a blank means you were not present and does not affect your grade.  A “0” means you were present and did not do the activity which will affect your grade.  Please re-read the course syllabus if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays,

Mr. Theisen

2 comments on “Week 12/18

  1. Paul Boyce

    thanks for working with the students. what do you have planned for intramurals during the winter? enjoy the holidays with your family.

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