Cipriano Run

GOOD LUCK TO THE FOLLOWING STEM STUDENTS!!!!! Please remember to bring your bib that was handed out and pins as well as eat a spaghetti (carbs, lots and lots of carbs) Friday night!
Some fruit and water for breakfast, nothing to big will help kick start them. If you have not paid you’re $2 please give it to the PE teacher. GOOD LUCK!!!

Middle School Boys (9am start time)
Duhl Ethan 6 STEM
Boussi Ali 6 STEM
Bader Mohammed 6 STEM
Herman Luke 6 STEM
Herman Collin 6 STEM
Gonzalez Aidan 6 STEM
Gelani Ahmed 6 STEM
Hossein Mohamed 6 STEM
Eljaafari Hassan 7 STEM
Saleh Mohamad 7 STEM
Abuzahrah Abedalrahman 7 STEM
Alghorbani Gaith 7 STEM
Aljabar Ali 7 STEM
Esmail Khalid 8 STEM
Faraj Abraham 8 STEM
Hamka Hussein 8 STEM
Lee Tru-Von 8 STEM
Majed Ahmad 8 STEM
Issa Hussein 8 STEM
Hamadeh Ali 8 STEM

Middle School Girls (9:25 start time)
El-Saghir Miryam 6 STEM
Hertick Helen 6 STEM
Naimi Ayah 6 STEM
Beydoun Selene 6 STEM
Alawbali Selma 6 STEM
Fayad Mira 6 STEM
Malone Audrey 6 STEM
Moughani Sara 7 STEM
Chahab Layla 7 STEM
Nordini Isabella 7 STEM
Elayyan Malak 7 STEM
Mallah Souhaila 7 STEM
Heaton Kyla 8 STEM
Rosbury Sydney 8 STEM
Thoraya Sarina 8 STEM
Smalley Samantha 8 STEM
Cascardo Chiara 8 STEM

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