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Hi Everyone,

There are a few new changes to the Robert Cipriano CC Run this year.

To start, middle school students will run first. The schedule is as follows:

6th-8th grade boys 9:00

6th-8th grade girls 9:25

4th grade boys 9:50

4th grade girls 10:10

5th grade boys 10:30

5th grade girls 10:50

Awards will be distributed following each race.

We will still qualifying students this year however there is talk about just letting students run like they would in any other race except the Boston and Chicago Marathons where you must qualify. We can discuss this at our PD and go from there for next year.

Qualifying times:

4th grade qualifying time is 13 minutes for a mile

5th grade qualifying time is 12 minutes for a mile

Middle school qualifying time is 22 minutes for 2 miles

Lastly, we will be charging students $2 to participate. Last year nearly 500 students signed up and failed to participate. There is a cost to the district for every entrant. It’s not much but hopefully this will help entice students to show up, if nothing else, it not a waste of money. A permission slip is not necessary, but I will make up a letter explaining the details of the run and the cost. I will try and have it out by the end of the week.

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  1. Nicole Herman

    Hello! Thanks for the updated information. Can you please add the date? I googled the run but unfortunately the site is down. Thanks,

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