Skill Games

This week we are doing skill games. Students will learn new aerobic games that use a combination of skills. The new games this week will help build endurance, team building, collaboration, and sportsmanship. Looking forward to a great week!

Quarter 1 complete

The first card marking is over. We learned a ton of new skills, and were able to improve our fitness as well. Sports we covered: Soccer Football Track Basketball Kickball Fitness Testing student participated in: 1 mile run 1 minute push ups 1 minute sit ups pull ups shuttle run PACER test 1/2 mile run…


If your child is sick or you are not feeling well please consider if you should be coming to school. Right now is cold/flu season and it is very important that everyone do their part to not spread anything. Please use sound judgement if you have a cough, fever, or are not feeling well. Our…

Football Unit

Our first PE unit for the Fall is Football. Below is a set of skills we will be working on. Once the students get familiar with the skills we will start playing games. Football Skills: Breakdown 3-point stance hike throw catch on-side punt field goal kick handoff parts of the football rules of the game