Month: March 2020

Physical Education Instructions for 3/16-4/10

Online Activities (3/16-4/3) Click on the links (Fitness and Health) to print off the checklists on the posts above this one. This will be required when you return. If you would like to make videos feel free to share! Stout PE DepartmentSuggested Physical & Health Activities At Stout safety/your health is our number one concern. …


As the weather starts to warm please be prepared to go outside. Bring a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, hat, sunglasses or whatever else you think might be necessary to enjoy yourself outside during these early spring days.


The week of 3/2-3/6 we worked on racket sports. We learned the rules and best practices for the sport of pickleball. Have your student tell you about everything they have learned and make sure you try the sport this summer!