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The new lesson is posted on You should all be enrolled by now. If not, please go to the March 13th blog entry and find your code. PLEASE COMPLETE LESSONS IN CLASSROOMGOOGLE.COM AND CLICK “TURN IN” AND OR “MARK AS COMPLETE” when submitting all lessons. Emailing me the lessons will no longer be acceptable (once everyone figures out the kinks!).

The 1860 Telegraph verses 2020 “Telegraph”.

Today’s lesson #3= compares the definition of a Telegraph to a painting from the DIA called, “The Indian Telegraph”, 1860, by John Mix Stanley, oil on canvas. Please go to and follow the directions. email me for questions. This is due April 2nd; Thursday of this week.

Please take a look at your grades. They are all updated on mistar and ready to be posted as final grades for card marking 3.

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