6th, 7th ,8th Grade Art

6th Grade 

Bell work=Deckle

Students finished the Moon Lesson.  If students are not finished they can come in the morning at 7:30 am to complete.  Students started new lesson with monoprints.

7th 2D Grade

Students started new lesson on Thursday, November 5th.  Lesson is learning how to create objects that appear 3D.  2D Shapes are HxW.  3D forms are HxWxD.

8th Grade 2D

Students finish Reflections program lesson Friday.  Started new drawing lesson with Honors Program theme.  Please check parent connect for updated grades.


6th, 7th, 8th Grade Art

6th Grade

Bell Work work=Brazen

Students Finish coloring their moon design and start painting their trees with V’s with the Grottage technique


7th Grade 2D Art

Today was the last day to work on the Warm/Cool/Zentangle Tree composition.  We will start a new lesson on Wednesday 11-04-15.  Students can come in at 7:30 am W-F this week and Tuesday from 3-5 on November 10th.


8th Grade 2D Art

The new lesson is in support of the PTSA.  Students are creating a graphic design that communicates the Reflections theme= “Let Your Imagination Soar”.  We will be working with Tempera and Acrylic paint for this lesson. The 5 Paragraph essay with the IBC is due on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4TH.  This was assigned last Tuesday and students worked on it during class on Friday if their graphic design logo was complete.  I will post the IBC below.







  • Lead

  • State the product or service

  • State the desired objective (why are you going to sell this)

  • Thesis statement

  • Topic sentence

  • Describe the characteristics of the subject

  • Confirm the audience’s needs (why would people want to buy this)

  • Supporting details

  • Restate thesis statement

  • Summarize the key benefits provided by this product, service or idea being promoted.

  • Generalize about the subject

  • Topic sentence

  • Describe the features of the subject

  • List product features

  • Supporting details

  • Topic sentence

  • Provide examples

  • Point our financial benefits and benefits between your competitors

  • Supporting details