Week of 9-26-16 Art 6th, 7th, 8th grade 2D

6th Grade

Students are wrapping up their Fall Equinox collages within the next couple days.  Our next lesson will be learning about drawing techniques.


7th and 8th Grade 2D

Students Paste Painted this week!!!!  Wow!!! Gorgeous work.

img_4106 img_4105 IMG_3203

Students need to check their grade books to make sure all of their lessons are up to date.  They should have 4 color wheels, complementary mix, 16 color schemes and an essay that still needs to be recorded.

7th grade students will be done with their sketchbooks next week.


8th grade students just started their signature sleeve lesson which will be due by next Friday 10-7-16.


Week of 9-19-16: 6th, 7th, 8th grade 2D Art

6th Grade;   Bell work = Equinox, Tempera

Students brainstormed about the occurrences during the fall equinox and what that looks like in Michigan.  Students will use this information of create a collage on the front of their sketchbooks.  Sketchbooks were constructed and graded last week.  Artist inspiration = Jacob Lawrence


7th& 8th  Grade 2D

Students are wrapping up multiple assignments on color theory.  Please check grade book.  PSI (Primary, Secondary, Intermediate), tint, tone, shade color wheels, 2 question essay, complementary mix and 16 color schemes should be completed by Friday 9-23-16 and graded by the 26th.