Week of 11-14-16 Art 6th, 7th & 8th 2D

6th Grade:

Students finished their Warm/ Cool Landscape composition.  Students started with a sketch, created a glue resist and finished with a warm or cool chalk and oil pastel color scheme.  The second part of the lesson was exploration with printmaking.  The printmaking work was used to create a border emphasizing the warm or cool color scheme in their landscape.  Amazing results!!!


7th Grade 2D:

Students finish Chuck Close lesson.


7th grade students are working on a Shape vs Form lesson using a Sketch and Wash Pencil.  The background will be completed using contrasting oil pastel colors.  2D=Shapes.  3D=Forms.  2D shapes + value= Forms!



8th Grade 2D:

Students finish their Day of the Dead skeleton genre.  Students used diagonal lines to create movement.  Students use glue resist, watercolor techniques and oil pastel.


8th graders also explored other watercolor techniques and styles in another lesson.


Now 8th graders are working on acrylic paint techniques using Michigan animals in the fall and winter.