6th, 7th, and 8th grade art

6th grade art

Last couple bellwork words =Juxtapose, Radial, Chiaroscuro, Matte,

Students finish their Emerald illustration drawings and start new lesson.  We are exploring the different names the moon is known for.  Students are going to use a variety of materials for complete their moon composition.  Here is phase one with the drawing component.  Next is the chalk!


7th grade 2D art

Students finish their Chuck Close portraits and do a fantastic job.  Portraits are hanging in hallway- you come take a look at your child’s work! Students start another 2″ grid lesson with an abstract tree landscape.  The patterns are called Zentangle and the trees are drawn using a number pattern and a technique we call Trees with V’s.  Lastly they are using color schemes to complement the foreground and background.




8th grade 2D art

Students finish their sketchbook and start using it to sketch font and logo ideas.  They are using the logo to advertise a fictional product or service.


6th, 7th, 8th grade art

6th Grade

Bell work= Tesserae.  Tesserae are seen on Romare Bearden’s Quilting time.

Students are working on The Emerald story illustration using blending and cross-hatching techniques.


7th grade 2D

Students are doing a great job transferring their 1″ grid photo to their 2″ grid drawing.


8th grade 2D

Students are Coptic Stitching their last signatures for their paste paint sketchbooks.



6th, 7th, 8th grade art

6th grade


Students listen to a short story titled “The Emerald” and write down the different scenes from the story.  Students pick a scene and illustrate it using the blending and cross-hatching techniques we have been practicing.

7th grade 2D

Students finish making 2″ grid and watch a demo on how to transfer the 1″ grid photo to a 2″ drawing.


8th grade 2D

Students finish 2 paste paint book covers, 5 signature sleeves and measure and punch signature to prepare to coptic stitch.

6th, 7th, 8th grade art

6th Grade

Students finish value scales using blending and cross-hatching drawing techniques.  Students will start their children’s book illustration drawings next week.

IMG_3202 (2)

7th Grade 2D 

Students finished their paste paint sketch books and are ready to move on to the Chuck Close self portrait drawing lesson.

Students are practicing the blending technique with 10 different values and creating their own 2″x 2″ grid on an 18″x24″ paper.


8th Grade 2D

Students work on finishing their paste paint book covers, 5 signature sleeves and measure and punch all 5 signature sleeves.