Week of 10-24-16 Art 6th, 7th and 8th 2D


Students finished and turned in the Fighting Mynah’s story illustration along with their sequence chain writing.


We are now starting a landscape lesson using the seasons and deciduous and evergreen trees as our inspiration.

7th 2D

students are continuing their work on the Chuck close grids.  The end results will be a photo-realistic drawing of each student.


8th 2D

Students are studying the Mexican culture, exploring the Days of the Dead.  Students are using skeleton references to create  and skeleton Genre.  The next step is to create a resist using glue and watercolor paint over the dry glue.


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Week of 10-10-16 Art 6th 7th and 8th grade 2D and ART CLUB

6th grade

Students finished their value scales in class today and those grades will be on the first cardmarking.

7th Grade 2D

Students finished stitching their art sketchbooks and have started working on their Chuck Close Grid Self portraits.


8th Grade 2D

Students started their Coptic Stitch sketch books.  Those will be done on Friday 10-14-16.  Only half of the book will be graded by the end of the first card marking.



Students started working on their empty bowls donations for our annual event on 11-21-16


Week of 10-4-2016 Art 6th, 7th, 8th 2D

6th Grade

Collage are finished and will be graded by Friday 10-7.  If students are not finished they need to take home and finish or come in early at 7:30 to complete lesson.  Students were introduced to artist Charles Sheeler, Feline Felicity,  to help them understand the importance of value in a drawing.  2d= flat shapes =circle, square, triangle.  3d forms=sphere, cube, cone.  Students will be working on an illustration of a story they read in class.

IMG_3202 (2) IMG_3252

7th Grade 2D

Students are finished with sketchbook components and will be constructing book today and tomorrow.  This will include measuring, punching holes and stitching.


8th Grade 2D

Students should be finished with all color theory exercises and their signature sleeves by Thursday 10-6-16.  Students can arrive early to complete work in the art room at 7:30.  Students will start the coptic stitch, with waxed linen, and quilters needle on Friday.  Books should be completed by next Thursday and will be on the first card marking that ends on 10-14-16.

img_4125 IMG_3139 FullSizeRender