All art students

I have posted another lesson on Please see the March 13th posting to see your classroom codes. You should copy and paste the code to make sure it is correct. I reposted the codes below too. For March 23rd’s lesson; if you do not have access to a smart phone or camera on a computer then copy and paste an image that meets the lessons requirements.

Hi Everyone,

Here are you codes to join google classroom for art class. Please make sure to enter the correct code.

Reynaert Art 8th Grade 1st hour= 4u4mksa

Reynaert Art 8th Grade 2nd hour= drg3c5n

Reynaert Art 7th Grade 3rd hour= owzsbof

Reynaert Art 7th Grade 4th hour= nizttjx

Reynaert Art 6th Grade ADAY= kwlyjqc

Reynaert Art 6th Grade BDAY= zefyqsv