Welcome to the New Year!

I hope everyone had a nice a relaxing break with their families!  I know I did! However, I am glad to be back.  This past week we worked on one to one correspondence using dice, buttons and tweezers. The children used the tweezers (fine motor) to pick up the buttons and place them on the dice (one to one) and counted how many they had in total.  Others used playdoh and toothpicks to practice counting and number sense. We also worked on building letters and shapes. The children used straight and curved line to build letters and make shapes on the carpet! I did add a few photos of children who were writing on their own during work time! Love it!!!

Week 15

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing winter break! Enjoy your time with family and friends!  Look forward to seeing you on Monday, January 7th! Here are some pictures of the children creating bubble art.  Super fun and super messy!!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 19 will not be a regular school day.  We are hosting a winter fair at Cotter Early Childhood Center. You are invited to attend from 2:00-3:15.  A note will be sent home with more information on Monday. Also, we have a half day on Thursday, December 20th 11:45 pick up.  Lastly, winter break is Friday, December 21st thru Sunday, January 6th.  School resumes Monday, January 7th!

Week 10

This week we worked on building our names using different types of materials such as playdoh and building connectors.  We also discussed what parts make up a letter….curved lines and/or straight lines.  This helped the children identify what they needed to use or create in order to make their letter.  This is a great activity to do at home with your child!

Week 9

We had a special visitor come to our classroom this week…. Mr. Paul “The Critter Guy”.  He brought different animals for the children to learn about, see, touch and hold such as a doves, a lizard, bearded dragon, mouse, chinchilla and snake.  I took a lot of pictures!!  Enjoy!

Week 8

What a busy week! We started the week measuring pumpkins using different measuring items such as chain links and unifix cubes.  The children measured the height as well as the circumference of the pumpkins then compared their findings to others.  After that the children lined the pumpkins up in size order.  On Tuesday, we painted the pumpkins and on Wednesday we explored the inside. Most of the children we excited to dig in but others were a little more hesitant.

After we took out some seeds, we counted them and I took them home to cook for the children to taste!!


The children also took part in a Halloween parade.  Because our program doesn’t allow for children to wear their Halloween costumes to school, we used the ones in our classroom.

They had a great time leading the school parade as well as trick or treating around the school!!



As you all know this coming Wednesday, October 31st is Halloween.  I know most of your children want to come to school in their costumes just as their siblings; however, our program does not allow this.  I am asking that no child be sent to school wearing a costume. Fun headbands or Halloween themed shirts would be just fine but no costumes.  We will be taking part in the whole school parade at 2:45.  I will allow the children to dress-up using the classroom dress-up if they so choose. Please let me know if you do not wish to have your child take part in the parade.  Thanks you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!

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